Office Furniture Refurbishment

Camdenwood specialises in the refurbishment of systems office furniture, which is a cost effective way to give new life to tired furniture rather than purchasing new and having to dispose of the old.

We have over 25 years experience in the office furniture industry and have refurbished systems office furniture for most of this time. We specialize in the refurbishment of Steelcase furniture TNT, Doue and Tenaro ranges to mention but a few. Other manufacturers systems furniture can also be refurbished.

Camdenwood can provide a full refurbishment program which can consist of a complete colour change, or just simply a refresh of the existing colour. This can include legs, under frame and cable trays as well as the manufacture of new tops if required, or we can re-use the existing tops.

We believe a colour change gives new life to the furniture giving the appearance of being new for fraction of the cost. Another popular refurbishment is to have a colour change to the storage cabinets and pedestals, this service includes the storage units or pedestals being stripped down to their component form, powder coated on our premises, assembled and then packed ready for transportation.

Desk mounted screens and floor standing screens can also be upholstered to a new colour if required in a wide range of colours and textures. For more information please see our upholstery services.

Camdenwood take the refurbishment process one step further

We take the refurbishment process one step further and call it re-manufacturing. Frames and panels, when refurbished, will be supplied with new components if required. All metal components i.e. end caps, top trims, pedestals etc, are de-greased, sanded and then powder coated to your choice of colour.

You can have any original standard colour, or alternatively, why not customise your product and choose a different RAL colour. Panels and desk screens can be re-upholstered with the latest ranges of fabrics.

We can supply new shapes and special sizes of work surface, in a wide range of the latest laminate or melamine finishes, changing your desk footprint. Utilising one piece tops; ergonomic corner shapes; and slim-line wave tops.

Metal Storage units and pedestals can be re-coloured through our powder coating process.

Imagine the transformation of your old storage units changing to a bright new colour. If you are relocated to a new building and are thinking of purchasing new storage units we can re-colour your existing units to stand along side the new.

FM companies and architects are demanding recycled, eco-friendly solutions, and by combining this with substantial cost savings, we feel we are ticking all of the right boxes.