Office Furniture Alterations

Camdenwood provides an alteration service to your existing furniture at our factory. This service is particularly useful for example if you want to condense the workstation size down to a smaller footprint to accommodate more people in the building.

This involves reducing the metal or wooden framework and top down to a new size. We cut the top down and replace the edge banding to a near colour match, or alternatively we can remove the existing edging and re-apply it to the cut edge. We can also produce various new shapes from existing products. An old rectangle desk could be made into a round table, a half moon table or even a barrel shaped top. Corner core desks and wave desks can be cut into straight desks to reduce the size of your office furniture footprint.

Once cut it is difficult to tell this operation has been carried out. This is a cost effective way of utilising your existing furniture or redundant stock.