Environmental Policy

We believe that all our activities and operations have an impact upon the environment and that environmental issues are of critical importance.

This policy commits Camdenwood; to continuous environmental improvement, to be environmentally friendly, to demonstrate sound environmental performance, to prevent pollution and take actions that will lead to environmental sustainability.

It applies to all our activities and their affect on our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, the general public, and the world environment.

We achieve our policy objectives by continually striving to:-

1) Measure and monitor the impact of all our activities upon the environment.

2) Analyse our impact upon the environment and particularly our:

3) Plan our activities, services and products to minimise any adverse impact upon the environment.

4) Comply and wherever possible exceed the requirements of legislative environmental standards.

5) Train our employees to be environmentally aware, environmentally responsible and continuously work towards environmental sustainability.

6) Encourage all persons and Organisations with which we have contact to become environmentally aware and environmentally responsible.

7) Communicate and whenever appropriate share our environmental experiences and resulting techniques and Solutions.